uKit Review

uKit Review

4.5out of 5


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uKit Review

Easy To Use, Even For Newbies

I can honestly say I found uKit a pleasure to use from start to finish. They’ve gone through a lot of trouble to make the whole experience as painless as possible from the very beginning.

Once you head over to ukit review, you can get started in 3 simple steps;

  1. Click the green “Create a Website” button
  2. Create a free account with your email account and choose a password
  3. Choose an in initial design (template) for your site and bingo, you’re away.

I enjoyed the fact that I didn’t feel the need to plow through hours of tutorials before I felt confident enough to get stuck in.

That’s because everything’s laid out within easy reach and for the most part, I found it to be pretty self-explanatory.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “That’s easy for you to say as you spend countless hours creating websites”.

And you’d be right, but even as a novice, you should be able to figure out most things through trial and error and even if you can’t, uKit has a knowledge base of in-depth tutorials that will walk you through things step-by-step.

You edit your website by clicking on a particular area of the page where you’ll be met with options to customize your text and images.

In the menu on the left-hand side, you’ll also find a host of “widgets” than can be simply dragged over and dropped onto your page to add functionality to your website.

What you see in the editor at any given time is exactly how you’re site will look when finished in true “What You See Is What You get Style”.

**Note: At the time of writing, it’s only possible to create your website from a PC or laptop and not from a mobile device.

Wide Range of Business Focused Templates

You name your industry and I’ll be willing to bet there’s a template to match. You’ll find designs for finance, restaurants, and construction, to education, medical care, and landscaping and just about everything in between.

No messing around trying to fit your business into a generic template here!

All of the designs look and feel very modern and are pre-populated with industry-specific content to help you hit the ground running.


Sidenote: I should point out that you’ll need to edit this content to suit your own business but it’s a great help when used as a guide.

Whilst the templates are fairly customizable, you won’t have as much freedom as some other website builders.

I know that might sound like a disadvantage but honestly, I think it can be just the opposite.

You see, there definitely can be such a thing as too much freedom when it comes to a novice designing a website and boy, I’ve seen some ugly sites in my time!

With uKit, you’ll have enough design options to truly make the template your own just as I did with my test site, but not so much that you’ll unknowingly stray too far from a great looking site.

4.5out of 5

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