BigCommerce Review

BigCommerce Review

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BigCommerce Review

BigCommerce Overview

Many brands you know and love are using BigCommerce to power their websites, including:

  • NFL’s Carolina Panthers
  • PayPal Here
  • Toyota
  • Ford UK
  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • Gibson Guitars

When major brands like these trust their stores to a platform, you know they’ve got good reason.

BigCommerce website builder reviews offers a fully functional online store, with the ability to sell an unlimited number of products. You’ll have unlimited bandwidth and file storage, gift cards, a rating and reviews functionality, and professional reporting, even in the basic plan. Shopify and Volusion offer cheaper starter plans, but require you to opt into a more expensive plan to get the similar feature set.

BigCommerce Plans And Pricing

BigCommerce has three pricing plans to choose from, ranging from $29 to $249 a month. All plans include basic SEO tools, product search, coupons, Amazon (FBA) integration, drop shipping, and real-time shipping/tracking. You’ll also get a 10% discount if you opt for the annual plan instead of paying monthly.

BigCommerce Features And Plans

If you want to be able to send your customers abandoned cart emails, you’ll need to be on the standard or pro plan. If you want to be a Google Trusted Store, you’ll have to subscribe to the pro plan.

It’s worth noting, if you plan on selling more than $50,000 a year, you’ll have to upgrade to bypass that limit on the basic plan. If you sell more than $150,000 a year, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro plan. The pro plan starts at $249.95 a month if your store brings in up to $400,000 a month. If you surpass that threshold, you’ll pay at least another $150 per month for each additional $200,000 in sales. Those expenses will add up.

And, if you need any kind of subscription or recurring billing services, you’ll have to pay for an add-on. Want to reward your customers with a loyalty program? You’ll have to pay more for an add-on. Want to make up-selling and cross-selling easier? Yep. You guessed it, another paid add-on.

If these are features you must have in your ecommerce SaaS platform, you may find one of the BigCommerce alternatives more cost-effective.

If you find yourself outgrowing the standard and pro plans, you always have the option to contact BigCommerce about an enterprise plan with custom pricing with additional features. However, you may find that it’s not the right choice for your company.

Selling Online With BigCommerce

Selling online with BigCommerce is easy, but it doesn’t come without challenges and hiccups.

I love the fact that you can use BigCommerce to handle multiple sales channels. When you’re starting from scratch, you can leverage the popularity of Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, and other platforms to get your products and services in front of customers. Having a central point to manage of that makes it easier to streamline operations, saving you time and money.

It also integrates with PayPal, Square, Stripe, AmazonPay, and a number of other popular payment gateways. It’s also possible to take your business global since it supports multiple currencies.

You’ll find it easy to market to new and existing customers since it integrates with many email marketing services, including Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, and Constant Contact.

4.2out of 5

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